How to Make a Huge Impact With Furniture

Furniture often sinks into the background, and is there to provide the required function of whatever type of piece it is. Tables are there to dine at, sideboards are there to be used as storage, and chairs are there to be sat on. However, furniture can be used to achieve so much more. You just need to know how to do it.

If you are looking for ways to make a huge impact with furniture, you’ve come to the right place. In the following post, we will offer some tips that will help those pieces of furniture you are most proud of to really stand out.

Consider the Bigger Picture

Up close and personal, a great piece of furniture – such as a handcrafted, upholstered armchair – may look visually stunning. However, in the wrong setting, it may not have quite the same impact. You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, and consider the whole room. Could the chair be placed somewhere else in the room? Is the room you have it in even the right room for that piece at all? Are there other high-impact statement pieces that are stealing attention from it? It may be that moving other items away allows that particular chair to shine.

Mix things Up

Another way of increasing the impact a piece of custom made furniture has is by pairing it with things that will help it stand out more. Think carefully about the style of the design – is it old, traditional, contemporarily, wooden or painted? Take things that are complementary, but contrast to it in some way, and pair the piece with them. So, if it’s a dark coloured piece of furniture, pair it with lighter pieces to get a stronger contrast. Similarly, if it has a geometric design, pair it with things that have a less geometric design style.

Always Pay Attention to Scale

Scale should always be taken into consideration. Although you want to make an impact, you want to avoid trying to do this by combining very small items with incredibly large pieces. It will not only look rather out of place, it will just throw the balance of the décor out of kilter. Keep things proportionally well matched to make the biggest impact.

Allow There To Be Empty Spaces

The temptation when it comes to empty spaces is trying to fill them. When trying to achieve a masterfully designed bespoke home though, empty spaces are part of the aesthetic. Over-crowding items together will definitely reduce the impact of any of them. For example, don’t invest in more chairs than you need for your normal use. Having just the specific amount you need will help emphasise the space, and enhance the impact of the pieces you have.