Reasons Why Bespoke Furniture Is So Popular

Although chains selling mass produced and flatpack furniture are very popular, thanks to their convenience, there has also been a notable increase in the popularity of bespoke or handmade furniture. What makes it so popular? In the following post, we will look at some of the main reasons why people are now opting for hand crafted furniture instead of items found in retailers like IKEA.

Unique and Individual

Our homes are an extension and expression of who we are as individuals. Therefore, it makes sense that furniture should be custom designed and made to measure with your own specific taste in mind. There are now an increasing number of better options – at affordable prices – than mass produced items. Most bespoke contemporary furniture makers will work alongside you to help produce the pieces that you really want, within a reasonable budget.

Made to Measure – Perfect Fit

If you stick to just buying furniture from the chain stores, where it is pre-made, you have few choice other than the colours or dimensions. This means you need to make compromises on what works best in your own home. However, if you invest in made to measure, custom built furniture, there is far greater versatility. For instance, awkward shaped rooms or uneven bays and alcoves can be accommodated easily. It also means you can make more effective use of the available space.

Higher Quality of Materials

When you buy furniture from retailers who mass produced items, the quality is often dictated by the price. Also, because the pieces are designed to take the minimum time and effort to produce, compromises have usually been made in the build. Bespoke furniture makers, on the other hand, are known for using better materials. Rather than relying on the convenience of MDF and plywood, solid wood is typically used instead, making the furniture more robust and longer-lasting.

Made to Meet Your Needs

Another reason why bespoke and handcrafted furniture is so popular, is that it can be designed specifically to meet any unique requirements. When choosing more convenient, pre-made furniture, you are very much left with the option of what is available. You then have to find the items that best meet your needs. Again, you may have to sacrifice some requirements you had your heart set on. Having furniture tailor-made, however, means that you can incorporate any style, functionality or practicality you wish. The only limitation will be your imagination!