Our Favourite Furniture Trends of 2019

When you are working on creating a home or property that you can be truly proud of, the choices you make with regards to the furniture can have either a negative or positive effect on it. Making those choices about whether to have bespoke and handcrafted furniture over something from IKEA can completely change the look and feel of a room. So, if you are looking for inspiration to transform your home into something special, you might find our favourite furniture trends of 2019 interesting.

Visual Texture and Natural Materials

The growing trend over the last few years to have lots of furniture that is built from natural materials looks set to continue in 2019. In the UK, we just can’t seem to get enough of the layers of visual texture that using aged solid wood – and materials like slate and stone – add to an interior.

Bolder and Daring

Rather than continuing the trend of those soft, clean whites inspired by Scandinavian interiors and Hygge, there is a definite shift back to more high-contrast and very vivid patterns. It is predicted that in 2019, people will be experimenting more in fascinating ways. This includes playing with with a combination of statement-making materials and scale.

Oxidised Oak

Although natural oak will always be a go-to choice for many people when it comes to choosing bespoke furniture such as tables and chairs, 2019 will see oxidised oak gaining more popularity. The blackened variety of white oak gives a grounding and comforting effect when used in cabinets and coffee tables. Expect to be seeing much more of this variation on this ever popular wood in the coming year.

It’s All About the Geometrics

While in the past tight and earthy natural tribal repeats were all the rage, that is changing. This style is now being pushed to the side by a lot of homeowners and designers, who are now favouring asymmetrical, looser and over scaled geometrical patterns.

Authentic and Handcrafted

It has been happening for some time now, but the trend toward handmade furnishings and decorative items is going to continue over the next 12 months. There has been a gradual shift towards custom made and handcrafted things. People love the authenticity of having something that has been painstakingly put together by hand, rather than something formed in a factory. They also love the uniqueness.