5 Things That Take Furniture from Good to Great

There is a huge difference between having furniture that is good and having furniture that is great. Good furniture is functional and practical, reasonable to look at, but when all is said is done, not particularly remarkable. How then do you take furniture making from the point of just being ‘good’ to achieving something ‘great’? In this post, we have put together our top 5 things that bring custom made furniture into the high end.

The Materials

Furniture is only as good as the materials it is constructed from. Therefore, if you opt for furniture that has been made from mediocre wood and poor quality fittings or fabric, it will not have anything that makes it connote quality. However, if you invest a big more money and choose custom made furniture that has been made using the finest quality materials available, the resulting pieces will look so much better.

The Colour

Choosing the right colour for the finish on a piece of furniture can make something look spectacular. For instance, a well-designed and well-made cabinet that is very basic, may not look as good as one with decorative finishes. If you take the same simple cabinet, with its simple design, and add a splash of colour in the form of a wood stain or paint, it will really come to life.

The Texture

Similarly to the above, a large custom made table that has been made from perfectly smooth and clean wood, will look smart enough. But, will it look amazing? Probably not. Especially when compared to a table where the wood‘s imperfect grain is not only visible but emphasised. It can also make a big difference if a wooden piece of furniture feels natural and has a bit of texture to it, instead of it being sanded down so it is almost unrealistically smooth.

Dressing It (or Not)

Even after a piece of furniture has been made and is sitting in your home, there are still ways you can make it look better. The way you dress furniture can affect how good or great it will look. A well-chosen tablecloth, a decorative vase or ornament that complements the design of a cabinet, or a well-placed co-ordinated  cushion, can make a difference. Alternatively, not dressing it at all – letting the fabric on your upholstered chair or sofa speak for itself – might be the right choice.

The Location

You could have the most gorgeous piece of furniture ever designed and created. However, if it is not given the right location in your home, you will never get the full benefit of its beauty. That is why you should think carefully about where you are going to put your bespoke pieces of furniture. Be mindful of whereabouts in your home the piece will get the best light, for example. Be sure to think carefully beyond just the functional and practical considerations.